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  • Canada : Union says 20 nursing jobs cut in Regina [more]
  • Canada : Engineers sign deal with province [more]
  • Canada : Caravan cultivates support for migrant farm workers [more]
  • Canada : GM deal too expensive, FCA tells union [more]
  • Canada : 20 Regina health region workers losing their jobs [more]
  • Canada : Cancelled plans to privatize lottery good for 400 employees, says uni... [more]
  • Canada : SUN President Responds to Health Region Layoffs [more]
  • Canada : City of Ottawa strikes labour deal with 6,300 employees [more]
  • Canada : Unifor rallies in Halifax for a progressive trade agenda [more]
  • Canada : Liberals Break Promise to Workers by Killing Anti-Scab Bill [more]
  • Canada : ‘We did the best we could': Oshawa Unifor Local 222 prez on GM ratif... [more]
  • Canada : Striking Peel CAS workers pen open letter to employer: For clients' s... [more]
  • Canada : Book review: Unfree Labour [more]
  • Iran : Teacher unionists worldwide welcome the release of academic [more]
  • Canada : Net zero lifted as bargaining restriction for Ontario public deals [more]
  • Canada : Building trades to get paid less for maintenance work due to bad econ... [more]
  • Canada : What are the real costs of keeping Essex County Libraries closed? [more]
  • Canada : A universal Pharmacare program would cover everyone... and actually c... [more]
  • Canada : CUPE and U of R Students' Union face off at labour board over future... [more]
  • Canada : For CUPE 1281 member, a proportional system based on fairness and equ... [more]
  • Canada : Migrant workers caravan hits Toronto en route to Parliament Hill [more]
  • Canada : BCTF report to MLAs calls for significant boost [more]
  • Canada : Children's Aid Society employees on strike for safer work conditions [more]
  • Canada : Saskatoon transit workers accuse city of trying to convert to target... [more]
  • Canada : Unifor's GM investment win 'miraculous,' says Pupatello [more]
  • Canada : Unifor sets strike deadline for Fiat Chrysler [more]
  • Canada : Unifor blasts BC Transit for buying Chinese-made buses [more]
  • Canada : Union Calls For Council To Bargain In Good Faith [more]
  • Canada : City workers receive pay increase [more]
  • Canada : Migrant workers say they're Canada's 'modern-day slaves' [more]
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The 39th International Convention is on now (IBEW)
Start browsing the conference here!

We've started a GoFundMe page for Sean Gallagher. Please have a look and do what you can! (Click here)


Regina has a municipal election on the near horizon (October 26th, 2016)

You can find more information here! (click me)


Saskatchewan now has a registry of public buildings containing asbestos. (There's also some excellent material on indentifying it too).


Click here to see the most current Industrial and Commercial wage scales!


Our new Canadian IBEW commercial is airing! Have a look

 2015 Canadian Electrical Codebook is now available at the hall!
2015 CEC and 2015 CEC/Handbook Bundle
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Have you given any thought to the Trans Pacific Partnership (the TPP)?


Have a look at this new website ---> - Have your say!

Download the 2014 - 2017 CBA here!

Have you thought about retirement?
Many Canadians have little or no supplemental income at the end of their career.
The fight for a better Canada Pension Plan starts here!

A short video entitled "The Watch"


Empowering Saskatchewan's  Construction Electricians

IBEW Local 2038 strives to:

  • Promote respect among members of the electrical industry.
  • Advocate reasonable methods and hours of work.
  • Secure employment and adequate pay.
  • Settle employment disputes.
  • Seek security and a higher standard of living for construction electricians in Saskatchewan.

IBEW 2038 Core Values:

Our local union operates according to three core values that guide the actions of all we do:

  • Respect – For all workers and employers.
  • Brotherhood – Assisting members in sickness or distress.
  • Citizenship – Promoting a high standard of citizenship within the community.

IBEW 2038 represents construction electricians in Saskatchewan below the 51st parallel,
and is governed by an executive elected by, and from, our membership.


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