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  • Canada : Seasonal farm workers win at B.C. Labour Relations Board [more]
  • Canada : Union in Alberta reaches deal that includes domestic violence leave [more]
  • Canada : End of work to rule 'a big relief' for students [more]
  • Canada : Union: Keep drywall duties [more]
  • Canada : Domestic violence paid leave highlights union deal [more]
  • Canada : 'Waiting for justice'-Union, families feel criminal charges warranted... [more]
  • Canada : Court order says government must work with unions to fix Phoenix [more]
  • Canada : Budget should commit to building Ontarians up [more]
  • Canada : Day of Protest as Halifax strike enters 2nd year; labour board hearin... [more]
  • Canada : New CMG leader has 2017 roadmap in place [more]
  • Bangladesh : Tell Bangladesh to stop its attack on garment workers [more]
  • Canada : Unifor standing up for Northstar workers [more]
  • Canada : Unifor welcomes Ontario occupational disease response team [more]
  • Canada : Update on Asbestos Ban [more]
  • Canada : Join the Day of Protest - One Year on Strike at The Chronicle-Herald [more]
  • Canada : CUPE Unimpressed with Corner Brook Long Term Care Announcement [more]
  • Canada : Negotiations set to resume in Outaouais transit dispute [more]
  • Canada : The robots are coming... for our jobs [more]
  • Canada : Busting myths about raising the minimum wage [more]
  • Canada : Labour Relations Board rejects employer's attempt to carve out ┬ôsuper... [more]
  • Canada : Kim Coates to be honoured in L.A. by Canadian performers with 2017 AC... [more]
  • Canada : Construction worker's death sparks questions about government, WCB co... [more]
  • Canada : Conservative leadership candidates duke it out in Quebec, ignore work... [more]
  • Canada : Basic Income: Progressive Dreams Meet Neoliberal Realities [more]
  • Canada : #WhyWeMarch [more]
  • Canada : Legal Aid cuts will hit poor Ontarians hard [more]
  • Canada : Teachers, government reach tentative deal [more]
  • Canada : Convene industrial inquiry commission into yearlong Chronicle Herald... [more]
  • Canada : Union files complaint over privacy of medical information [more]
  • Canada : Talks to resume between STO, Gatineau transit workers [more]
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Empowering Saskatchewan's  Construction Electricians

IBEW Local 2038 strives to:

  • Promote respect among members of the electrical industry.
  • Advocate reasonable methods and hours of work.
  • Secure employment and adequate pay.
  • Settle employment disputes.
  • Seek security and a higher standard of living for construction electricians in Saskatchewan.

IBEW 2038 Core Values:

Our local union operates according to three core values that guide the actions of all we do:

  • Respect – For all workers and employers.
  • Brotherhood – Assisting members in sickness or distress.
  • Citizenship – Promoting a high standard of citizenship within the community.

IBEW 2038 represents construction electricians in Saskatchewan below the 51st parallel,
and is governed by an executive elected by, and from, our membership.


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