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Some common questions and answers about training:

Q: What training is availble?
A: Have you looked at the web calendar yet? Scheduled classes are shown there.

Q: How do I register for a course?
A: There are multiple ways: 1) E-mail your request (know which class you want to take)
2) Call the hall (306-757-0222)

Once you know which classes are available and the dates they are scheduled for, you can check your own availability and then call or E-mail to book for those dates. There will be times that your first choice isn't available, and so we will have to add you to an upcoming date (where a class is already full)


 Have a look at the training calendar for a list of upcoming courses. You can find it here


CWB Welders - Check testing dates:

Call for more information


Call the hall or E-mail to register

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