• First Aid / CPR C + AED (Recert) July 8th – 8:00AM
  • QEW Hybrid (Tuesday is Refresh) July 11th – 8:30AM
  • Work at Height (Fall Protection - 3M 6218) July 18th – 8:30AM
  • First Aid / CPR C + AED (Full certification) July 28th – 8:30AM
  • QEW Hybrid (Friday is Refresh) August 4th – 8:30AM
  • QEW Hybrid (Tuesday is Refresh) August 22nd – 8:30AM
  • Work at Height (Fall Protection - 3M6218) August 24th – 8:30AM
  • First Aid / CPR C + AED (recertification - one day - SJA) August 25th – 8:30AM
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Executive Officers

Moe Kovatch
Business Manager / Financial Secretary

Jeff Sweet
President / Assistant Business Agent / Delegate to the International Convention

Steve Chisholm
Vice President

Nik Richter

Chris Unser
Recording Secretary

Member At Large

Joe Lamha
Joe Rakai
Matt Zemlak

Next Gen
Call the hall

Chris Unser

Brian Pastuch

Education and Training
Aaron Laughlin

Examining Board

Chris Unser
Carlos Santos
Jeff Sweet

Social Committee
Brian Pastuch

Political Action Committee

Retiree Communication
Doug MacCallum